Fuck China!

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dejima>>2008年05月のアーカイヴ>>Fuck China!

Fuck China!

  1. maji []2008/05/11(Sun) 01:45:28ID:xGWqonU10

    China is evil empire!
    China is enemy of the world!

  2. maji []2008/05/11(Sun) 03:43:52ID:WrcqJhUg0

    Demonstration that beats Japanese Government
    Let's have prime minister Fukuda resigned.


  3. maji []2008/05/11(Sun) 14:45:18ID:qbCp01o2O

    Go home Chinazi!!!

  4. maji []2008/05/11(Sun) 23:54:08ID:dWsw75txO

    Free Ticket!

  5. maji []2008/05/12(Mon) 23:55:15ID:QplNikkVO

    >>4no tichet.tibeht?are.you.fishing?

  6. maji []2008/05/13(Tue) 12:30:42ID:1V+qqfUbO

    Do you know "PI(rain)"?
    His concert ticketwas sold 1yen.

  7. maji []2008/05/14(Wed) 20:14:56ID:bfvZtThVO

    Congratulations!China hahaha!

  8. maji []2008/05/19(Mon) 01:02:36ID:t8PUhPAM0

    China must stop invading Tibet!
    China must stop genocide in Tibet!

  9. maji []2008/05/20(Tue) 12:51:59ID:DDLhSe5MO

    China is not an empire.
    It is a sample of Republics.

    Meny republics like genocide.

    People's republic of China kills60'000'000 people

    USSR kills25'000'000 people

    USA kills 25'000'000 native americans

    republic is evil system.

  10. maji []2008/05/27(Tue) 07:45:29ID:hvDu+MyO0

    Fuck China! Fuck Chinks!
    We must wipe out all the chinks on the earth.

  11. maji []2008/05/28(Wed) 05:00:47ID:oHpaThx5O


  12. maji []2008/05/31(Sat) 02:45:00ID:Kzxxu7to0

    China is garbage of the earth

  13. maji [sage]2008/06/04(Wed) 19:18:38ID:UPK7c0rqO


  14. maji []2008/06/13(Fri) 13:10:11ID:YRIcCoQhO

    every Republic are Evil Power of THE BEAST.

    THE SUN Goddes and 8,000,000 gods save THE final EMPIRE of the Earth.

  15. maji [sage]2008/06/18(Wed) 22:23:40ID:nXuroZOB0

    i am an animal

  16. maji [sage]2008/06/19(Thu) 18:57:29ID:6ybgChWf0

    Our Raptor,
    Who art in /h/eaven,
    shopped be Thy face;
    Thy donations come;
    Thy posts be done
    in /b/ as it is in /h/eaven.
    Give us this day our daily Bridget;
    and forgive us our trolling
    as we forgive those who troll against us,
    and lead us n-ot into faggotry,
    but deliver us from /fur/ry.
    In the name of the Moot,
    the Raptor, and the Holy server.

  17. maji []2008/06/26(Thu) 14:25:23ID:3sM3iKLkO

    every republic is a heaven of Beasts.

    republic is a system for genocide.

  18. maji []2008/06/26(Thu) 19:26:32ID:NF1t9o7k0

    2CH BBS Come under Attaked!! From Net Terolist "Soukagakkai Boh ♦xIbVusqPEM"

    He is Japanese "Keijiban Arashi"

    "Soukagakkai Boh ♦xIbVusqPEM" Thread

  19. maji []2008/06/28(Sat) 02:42:40ID:+t8u7rTh0

    China is Love

  20. maji []2008/06/28(Sat) 02:50:30ID:StZe8y0O0

    The government is the worst on earth at this time. The people are just as good or bad as any country's people. I love their culture, but I wish they would rid themselves of their terrible government

  21. maji []2008/06/28(Sat) 02:56:48ID:Ypmh/BtD0

    I think China is a pretty cool guy,eh guards gate and doesnt afraid of anything

  22. maji []2008/06/28(Sat) 02:58:59ID:rnpaGuCn0

    yeah that's right that's right

  23. maji []2008/06/28(Sat) 03:05:46ID:ogEa5BcC0

    Cant wait until china nukes japan

  24. American Unko []2008/07/05(Sat) 02:42:32ID:rtJwAITm0

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  25. maji []2008/07/20(Sun) 20:32:18ID:LBgaK18B0

    International community is just fed up with ongoing
    Chinese militarism and expansionism.

  26. maji [sage]2008/07/21(Mon) 12:16:33ID:vW6cpGd8O



  27. maji []2008/07/23(Wed) 16:21:17ID:cNHhuT7h0

    US is evil empire!
    US is enemy of the world!

  28. maji []2008/07/23(Wed) 17:43:43ID:yNkRy0UIO


  29. maji [sage]2008/07/27(Sun) 10:34:38ID:G1VKiqzJO

    China dress is cute !
    Beacase it is sexy .
    I think that no bra in China dress is best dressing!
    Breasts is roll.
    It is Rock and Roll!

  30. fuck china []2008/08/06(Wed) 01:20:53ID:wFYpLAQQ0

    Fuck China--the ugliest country in the world!

  31. fuck china []2008/08/06(Wed) 01:28:47ID:wFYpLAQQ0

    I love the USA.And I hate china!

  32. fuck china []2008/08/06(Wed) 01:30:19ID:wFYpLAQQ0

    I love the USA.And I hate china!

  33. fuck china []2008/08/06(Wed) 01:31:34ID:wFYpLAQQ0

    I love the USA.And I hate china!

  34. maji []2008/08/06(Wed) 13:08:40ID:cNMbRbNW0

    omae uru china

  35. maji []2008/08/06(Wed) 15:27:44ID:zgtnjkl00

    China is very polluted. Recently, one person in China was arrested on false charges of fraud for trying to campaign against pollution.

  36. maji []2008/08/06(Wed) 20:24:18ID:suZJuIbN0


  37. fuck china []2008/08/07(Thu) 00:36:54ID:RmcrBHBh0

    China is always fucking the world.So let us get together to fuck China!

  38. maji []2008/08/07(Thu) 01:54:40ID:MdDursd9O

    ha-ha. What is your nationality?
    Why did you write comment to my ress?
    I'm suprised.
    Because my english is about, my comment is about.
    Please teach me what your ress means.

  39. maji []2008/08/07(Thu) 03:43:20ID:QFMoe6Ny0


  40. American Unko []2008/08/07(Thu) 05:11:15ID:12SlXK030

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    . . . . . _(I''._,_,,__,, r_ , /
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    . . . (ycc;:...:,:.:._;:..:,:.:.. _ . . .)
    . . . .i.''-=v''- .:v_,, c_, r_ ,/
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    . . (y_ ,_;:...:,:.:._;_;:.:,:.:. . _ . . . , )
    . . .V''.-= v''- .:v:: X_._ .,,_,,:_,r
    . /i;i;'',',;;;_''U'';'';'';'';;;;;/.E''''' ' ':;,,
    (y,,;:..R.:,:.:._;:.E.:,:.:. ._U 'o, , ' . , )
    .V,,..;::;;;::,;,::;):;:;:; .:v_._ .,_,,v_,,r_,V

  41. What is this? []2008/08/07(Thu) 10:46:00ID:DqekO6Hk0

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    . . . . . i; i; i; i;'',',;''_' :;,.
    . . . . . .Xy__;:. . _ ) . . .)
    . . . . . _(I''._,_,,__,, r_ , /
    . . . .,/;:;'':;.:;''; i;'',',;;;_'' ; ;':;,.
    . . . (ycc;:...:,:.:._;:..:,:.:.. _ . . .)
    . . . .i.''-=v''- .:v_,, c_, r_ ,/
    . . . /;i;i; '',',;;;_'';'';'';'';'';;;.K' ' ':;,
    . . (y_ ,_;:...:,:.:._;_;:.:,:.:. . _ . . . , )
    . . .V''.-= v''- .:v:: X_._ .,,_,,:_,r
    . /i;i;'',',;;;_''U'';'';'';'';;;;;/.E''''' ' ':;,,
    (y,,;:..R.:,:.:._;:.E.:,:.:. ._U 'o, , ' . , )
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  42. !!!!!!! []2008/08/08(Fri) 02:18:03ID:/nROVLy80

    China hope to ruin Japan.Fuck China!

  43. maji []2008/08/08(Fri) 03:04:12ID:o4Lt8h510

    I'm American. I thought your comment was funny.

  44. maji []2008/08/08(Fri) 22:20:13ID:o4Lt8h510


    What does Japan think about the Olympics in China?

  45. maji []2008/08/09(Sat) 01:14:20ID:5pz7zfcM0

    I agree, I lol'd.

  46. maji [sage]2008/08/09(Sat) 07:00:09ID:sOyJaLsD0 BE:807670875-2BP(180)

    Qianjin! Ge minz? y?ngxiongde renmin,
    W?idade g?ngch?nd?ng l?ngd?o w?men jixu changzh?ng.
    Wanzhong y?x?n b?n xiang g?ngch?nzh?yi mingti?n,
    Jianshe z?guo b?owei z?guo y?ngy?ngde douzh?ng.
    Qianjin! Qianjin! Qianjin!
    W?men qi?nq?u-wandai
    G?oj? Mao Zed?ng qizhi, qianjin!
    G?oj? Mao Zed?ng qizhi, qianjin!
    Qianjin! Qianjin! Jin!

  47. maji []2008/08/09(Sat) 15:26:42ID:7+e2aD300

    Japan should have boycotted the olympics in china.
    We will regret we did not in the future.
    Also the participation of Fukuda in the opening ceremony
    disgraced the whole country. We should thow him away
    to China.

  48. maji [sage]2008/08/09(Sat) 16:24:05ID:hge6rZoh0

    China is our competitor but Beijing olympic for China people
    corresponds to Tokyo olympic for us.
    What we have to do is to throw away racism.

  49. maji [sage]2008/08/09(Sat) 22:37:53ID:hFYCWFhSO

    Oh! Really?
    My comment wasn't useless.
    I saw the moment Japanese Rhapsody and China dress acrossed the ocean.

  50. maji []2008/08/11(Mon) 09:51:38ID:P1oB0axU0

    Koizumi is the better Prime Minister. His hair alone kicks ass.

  51. American Unko []2008/08/12(Tue) 01:29:42ID:S9RYClQj0

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    . . . . . _(I''._,_,,__,, r_ , /
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    . . . (ycc;:...:,:.:._;:..:,:.:.. _ . . .)
    . . . .i.''-=v''- .:v_,, c_, r_ ,/
    . . . /;i;i; '',',;;;_'';'';'';'';'';;;.K' ' ':;,
    . . (y_ ,_;:...:,:.:._;_;:.:,:.:. . _ . . . , )
    . . .V''.-= v''- .:v:: X_._ .,,_,,:_,r
    . /i;i;'',',;;;_''U'';'';'';'';;;;;/.E''''' ' ':;,,
    (y,,;:..R.:,:.:._;:.E.:,:.:. ._U 'o, , ' . , )
    .V,,..;::;;;::,;,::;):;:;:; .:v_._ .,_,,v_,,r_,V

  52. maji []2008/08/12(Tue) 02:33:19ID:JKh6DGKE0


  53. dacointa all riflection [&RTG=18+6]2008/08/15(Fri) 02:56:57ID:US1bn3IZ0

    i hear alot of ppl saying bad things about china....i dont know y....

    chinese eat babies...yea...some do.

    chinese eat ants,rats,cocaroaches,worms,grubs,scorpions.....so?

    chinese killed1.2million tibetians....so?
    tibet is a bit of china and,that is the chinese way...!
    and same about those muslim people in xinjiang.

    there are big polutions,and there are red,green,yellow water....polutions are
    only happeningg because china is growing,chinese are not bad.

    china is making japan pay billions of yen....yes,but they are still bad.

    chinese make fake replica's of english or american or japanese things....
    it is ok because it is in china.

    chinese sell babies and boys...so? it is normal in china.

  54. maji []2008/08/15(Fri) 12:06:09ID:ynYs1yNh0


  55. fuck china [fuckchina@a.com]2008/08/18(Mon) 22:32:15ID:9/PcfiQ30

    Fuck China

  56. fuck china [fuckchina@a.com]2008/08/18(Mon) 22:33:47ID:9/PcfiQ30

    Fuck Beijing Olympic Games.

  57. maji [sage]2008/08/31(Sun) 03:30:48ID:7Wcz+LNRO


    Nomal.I enjoyed by TV.
    But I thought China is lier.
    Perhaps,I think all of japanese felt so.

  58. maji [sage]2008/08/31(Sun) 21:37:15ID:Nk1anmXQ0


  59. fuck japanese []2008/09/11(Thu) 14:06:04ID:itjcQmpW0

    Fuck All Japanese ! Japanese like a dog ,Chinese are the master of you!

  60. maji []2008/09/12(Fri) 07:50:19ID:6m337TP70

    ITT Americans pretending to be racist Asians to stir up shit.

  61. maji [sage]2008/09/26(Fri) 21:26:19ID:3dsu92xHO

    I love Ch

  62. maji []2008/10/01(Wed) 22:57:26ID:uzE+H6iz0

    I love China forever!

  63. japanese [sage]2008/10/03(Fri) 01:25:04ID:PzaZq3TxO

    Don't say it.
    I love China.

  64. maji [sage]2008/10/06(Mon) 01:03:22ID:g5vYVfBUO


  65. maji [sage]2008/10/06(Mon) 06:52:43ID:QprlEEef0


  66. maji [sage]2008/10/07(Tue) 00:49:57ID:shXye3mPO


  67. maji []2008/10/07(Tue) 02:59:59ID:B759jAbO0

    i hate china

  68. maji [sage]2008/10/31(Fri) 13:16:49ID:ALUKzD4X0

    china ni ittyaina!

  69. rangao []2008/11/08(Sat) 19:02:42ID:E+pwuEUj0

    funny theme,but why you guy just talk here.come to make it ture!

  70. whitie []2008/11/13(Thu) 22:00:33ID:+F0QQORo0

    1 China goverment killed 1million tibetians and tortured them and sold there liver.

    2China goverment blocks most data that are in the way of the chinese goverment using
    a program called golden shield(or you call it great firewall),they will block what ever it is
    including not only websites but mail's and vidioe's,and they make people who use codes go into jail.

    3China goverment was mean to Tibet but,not only that they are meaner to uigharians.They use the

    uigharian lands for experimenting atomic power.

    Ps I am dutch so i cannot write-or spell english well.
    Please accept my english.

  71. 77 []2008/11/17(Mon) 00:22:59ID:DyfWbYDy0

    fuck japanese,thay almost like dogs.

  72. 77 []2008/11/17(Mon) 00:29:58ID:DyfWbYDy0


  73. ureyesonly []2008/11/17(Mon) 00:38:42ID:D8leMGWv0

    the more i understand japanese the more i dislike them

  74. maji []2008/11/17(Mon) 09:26:50ID:Z+j+/cd20

    Sure is a lot of racism here

  75. 777 [777@ohoh.com]2008/11/18(Tue) 20:26:06ID:/FqJ7SFN0

    japan is the greatest country in the world

  76. randy [randy@mamola.com]2008/11/18(Tue) 20:30:45ID:/FqJ7SFN0

    if you're in china, you can always use free anonymous proxies
    to bypass the filtering by the their govt .
    other than that, china human rights abuse are mostly overrated
    though, since the media are practically owned by large
    corporations. people generally only read what they want to read

  77. a []2008/11/21(Fri) 02:01:38ID:4GSevUXF0


  78. Peter []2008/11/21(Fri) 13:36:49ID:LBu3LRHp0

    You guys know nothing about China's policies concerning ethinic groups

    Actually, China's minority groups are privileged like hell, "from cradle to tomb"
    They get governmental allowances, extra points in major examinations, most importantly, they can have more children than Han Chinese

    This has caused an increase in minority population, which was less than 2% at the beginning of PRC but now almost 10%, and a corresponding decrease of Han Chinese population

    China is exterminating Han Chinese to make the minorities groups happy. Yet YOU are not satisfied.

    Ask an expert on Chinese issues IN YOUR COUNTRY whether I said is true

    It is obvious your medias did not tell you ALL the truth

  79. Peter []2008/11/21(Fri) 13:45:16ID:LBu3LRHp0

    I agree with you guys on most of your opinions about the Chinese government, but not on this one
    It's too ridiculars.

    In the past ten years, in north-east China alone, more than 2 million Han Chinese MANAGED (by claiming they have Manchurian ancesters, bribing officials, etc) to become Manchurians, so they can enjoy Manchurian's privileges.

    This is only to give you an image about China's ethinic policies.

    Remember, Han Chinese are actually the oppressed and discrminated group in China

    Again, call me a liar or trash me AFTER you verify my statement with an Chinese issue expert in YOUR COUNTRY

  80. maji []2008/11/21(Fri) 13:56:28ID:l2niu9ba0

    Even if they're are rules benefiting minorities in China, it is ridiculous to say that the Han Chinese are being 'exterminated'.

  81. Peter []2008/11/21(Fri) 14:12:23ID:LBu3LRHp0

    Then what do you call a decrease (and it is accelerating) from 99% to 90% in 50 years, especially when it is realized with mandatory brith control laws?

    By the way, in China, a Han couple can have only 1 child, while a minority couple can have 2 - 5 children

    A Tibetan couple can have up to 5 children.
    And YOU still say China is "genociding" Tibetans (funny their population just keeps increasing and increasing while being "genocided"), I think its only fair to say China is exterminting Han Chinese. Much creditable than your statements.

    The truth is: all Chinese are oppressed by CCP, with minorities groups much much better treated than the Han Chinese

    You can support Tibet independance but you should not LIE, otherwise you are no better than the Chinese government.

  82. maji []2008/11/21(Fri) 18:33:31ID:l2niu9ba0

    I never said that Tibetans were getting "genocided", I don't know where you got that from

    You realize that a decrease in proportion (99% to 90%) does not always imply a decrease in quantity, yes?

    For example, the proportion of white people in America has been decreasing over the past 20 years.

    Its not because there are less white people, its because there are more hispanics and other minorities making up the US population.

  83. maji []2008/12/18(Thu) 16:06:47ID:dC/xj6SN0

    Fuck Jiang Zemin!!

  84. maji []2009/01/07(Wed) 01:43:26ID:MrC3xBDPO

    Im glad to hear that

  85. maji []2009/01/07(Wed) 04:39:40ID:WMFXKiBTO


  86. maji [sage]2009/01/13(Tue) 08:58:56ID:gpVg/1u70

    >>4 lol

    free TIBET! Free Tibet! Free Japanese money!

  87. maji []2009/01/14(Wed) 02:07:04ID:TuNGiDKIO

    I Like Chinese

  88. maji []2009/01/14(Wed) 03:57:22ID:ZNHhID0J0

    yah I like China too.
    I'm Japanese and i want to get along well with China.

  89. maji []2009/01/14(Wed) 04:45:16ID:UuNv8wHJ0

    Why don't you guys mention about sweetness relationship between China and Pakistan
    throgh exchanging at Karakoram way. Pakistan developes some terorist like Alkanida
    and Tariban to the World by taking advantage of its nuclear-capable-nation.

  90. maji []2009/01/15(Thu) 06:28:46ID:Ujfx6//U0

    fuckin chink lmao

  91. maji []2009/01/26(Mon) 09:10:16ID:/o0LZ3oI0

    I hate chinese.

  92. maji []2009/01/26(Mon) 20:35:39ID:Jj7n9ayJ0

    China is a coolest country in the world.

  93. 12355 []2009/01/26(Mon) 20:45:00ID:qPr+mUH10

    Have you been to China?

  94. HUA []2009/01/27(Tue) 00:58:49ID:p0kn6kgV0

    we Chinese are friendly welcome to China

  95. maji []2009/01/31(Sat) 13:18:25ID:1nC5J4PE0

    Y we always attack others in this world

  96. maji []2009/03/16(Mon) 11:41:19ID:aKEDke8E0

    China always never confine some story. this is non mention that china
    has resorted to ethnic crasing for a ethnic that didn't conform to central
    goverment. some scholars ascribe the cruel Chinese behave to their thousands of tragic history
    having been aggrieved by other ethnic.
    China is historicaly good at taking in stronger nation than China.
    It is ordinal strategy that China once recieve other ethnic, most of ridder ethnic, as the ruler of
    domestic China. I mean, they are very smart nation, but also unchivalrous.

  97. maji []2009/03/16(Mon) 17:02:38ID:C/jW841U0

    deji deji

  98. maji []2009/03/28(Sat) 01:25:06ID:mDYFAgkwO


  99. FuckJapIdiots []2009/04/04(Sat) 05:55:39ID:ZqmMw6CF0

    When you japanese insert your small and short dicks into the earth, you are fucking the Earth.
    Are you happy now?
    You idiots.

  100. maji []2009/04/04(Sat) 08:28:54ID:c//SSaWf0

    Why fuck the earth, when you could FUCK THE MOON?

    Just think, a giant crater in the moon, from your penis...

  101. USA []2009/04/06(Mon) 15:14:49ID:PW0mcT4k0

    Fuck china!I'm a chinese,but i think china is shity!

  102. maji []2009/04/06(Mon) 18:36:39ID:Ny/Cfb5O0


  103. chinks []2009/04/08(Wed) 13:52:21ID:GeHVjau30

    fuck the china !

  104. maji []2009/04/08(Wed) 18:18:20ID:ZnBASOpl0

    Seems like the "Jap Idiots" are invulnerable to your shitty troll attempts.

  105. maji []2009/04/08(Wed) 18:59:26ID:zheX2yCB0


  106. maji []2009/04/08(Wed) 21:00:58ID:xHaCveF90

    FUCK JAPAN,too.

  107. maji [sage]2009/04/08(Wed) 21:26:41ID:paFAikM5O

    FUCK USA. too

  108. maji [sage]2009/04/09(Thu) 00:10:45ID:3sCh7T3nO

    U.S.A. GI

  109. maji [sage]2009/04/15(Wed) 06:09:37ID:xTwikQSA0


  110. s es []2009/04/22(Wed) 22:04:30ID:GJw1Isd+0

    you can hate china government but you cant hate chinese

  111. maji [sage]2009/04/23(Thu) 12:26:59ID:Ft+XDxjUO

    I hate Chinese and Cina Government.

  112. maji []2009/04/23(Thu) 17:12:36ID:Ek7+CkxB0

    fuck everybody, so fuckoff

  113. maji [sage]2009/04/24(Fri) 18:39:38ID:U52mJpeT0

    China is better than USA

  114. maji [sage]2009/04/24(Fri) 23:32:13ID:53sA7N4h0

    have you ever visited to China?

  115. maji []2009/04/26(Sun) 14:55:21ID:5sAKdPFcO


    China is butter dog for USA

  116. maji []2009/04/26(Sun) 23:42:27ID:943m9Qfy0

    i am chinese.i think you know little about china.Chinese govenment are
    relatively good,especially Hu jintao. But,i dont like chinese people
    and the history. Chinks are stupid ,bad, very very bad. I just cant
    stand. they are damaging others as badly as possible. now i am happy
    if anyone who wants to fuck chinese people. they seem kind,but,the most dangerous
    ,is that if china were the strongest . Your land will lose,your people will damage too.
    This is all because of chinese cultury and stupid brain.

  117. dubiousCHINK [dubious@hotmail.com]2009/04/27(Mon) 12:10:59ID:E1Mo9DgT0

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    you guys are so mean

  119. maji [sage]2009/05/01(Fri) 02:20:07ID:AXaAcSBm0



  120. chinks [charinko@herb.ocn.ne.jp]2009/05/07(Thu) 21:44:25ID:9uzWbZG40

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  121. maji []2009/05/14(Thu) 10:46:43ID:g4EPyoU80

    Chink is unko.

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  125. Slam-Pig []2009/05/24(Sun) 15:55:17ID:2eX2ELVD0

    Fuck communism!
    The bomb is coming, just wait a little longer...

  126. maji []2009/05/24(Sun) 16:37:37ID:Jna8jsI+O


  127. maji []2009/05/26(Tue) 13:09:25ID:aaLwPtQS0


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  131. maji []2009/06/01(Mon) 12:04:12ID:haz5h9fD0

    who start the second world war ? Not china, who is always fight for other countries? Not china.
    If the japanese become kind, There will never have evil in the world.

  132. maji []2009/06/01(Mon) 19:06:26ID:XiS3mklDO

    Yon know that there are many risk of China.

  133. maji []2009/06/02(Tue) 11:37:53ID:kEFiatjS0

    i loev china

  134. maji []2009/06/02(Tue) 18:11:13ID:4MVpy094O

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  135. maji []2009/06/08(Mon) 05:14:41ID:5B8FVHqG0

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    Chinks is RAT.

  136. deadlyvampire [wlw.wei@163.com]2009/06/10(Wed) 17:09:16ID:bkZYPkeO0

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  138. maji []2009/06/10(Wed) 22:48:02ID:sS8/pmJQ0

    Chink is shit

  139. maji [sage]2009/06/12(Fri) 15:05:09ID:lIOfwhhl0

    I love China.

  140. maji []2009/06/12(Fri) 15:07:58ID:EljJGfFO0

    china dress my country (i am russian myself), china feed it, china make lots of things for it. and everything is pretty chip. i love china!

  141. fucker []2009/06/14(Sun) 16:07:05ID:lWDF/zE30

    motherfucker,all the world is bullshit,how could only fuck C ,what fuck about japan?

  142. maji []2009/06/15(Mon) 22:37:28ID:GQ2scLP60

    We Love China!

  143. maji []2009/06/17(Wed) 09:12:37ID:8dXfXJBD0

    I love China, too. The people are very nice just crazy in the head.

  144. maji [sage]2009/06/18(Thu) 00:21:53ID:wiwM9bzr0

    China is a cesspit for advanced nations.
    The Chinese must die out, provided they don't suck world's sperms.
    You shall die!

  145. vladmir []2009/06/25(Thu) 20:49:20ID:x/DW0jJX0

    china is one giant shitpot and the stupid materialistic selfish gooks hav lost all culture.

  146. maji []2009/06/29(Mon) 08:48:08ID:YO5g1g9b0

    Chink no Jisaku Jien...

  147. maji []2009/06/29(Mon) 17:33:24ID:FEHSrtCs0

    Fuck China!!!!1111

  148. maji []2009/07/01(Wed) 03:59:22ID:gIKfkDnXO

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    chinks Suck my dick!

  150. duilin [leeuome@live.cn]2009/07/05(Sun) 05:13:40ID:VC7rVcwy0

    First , I am a Chinese ! You are a Japanese, so you love Japan ,
    I love my country too ! Do you understand China ??
    Don't be hoodwinked your eyes by some negative reports , Sometimes That is not true .
    Just because I am in China , I have a right to know some truth even more than you .
    Why do you think I appear here and talk to you ? I proxy my Internet . :) I just want to know more about my country!
    I find out about history of our country by google and other ways .About Tibet, about Communist Party , You have only seen one side of the thing .
    The same . Have you faced oneself country while excavating others' shortcoming?
    This world is beautiful, but can't guarantee either a country is perfect!
    So, Please go to understand your country.
    History about your country , But please don't read your textbook of your country. Maybe That is not the really true. :)

  151. maji []2009/07/08(Wed) 05:27:05ID:7xV9lsTL0


  152. maji []2009/07/08(Wed) 05:28:01ID:7xV9lsTL0


  153. maji []2009/07/08(Wed) 11:30:25ID:pluuTGon0

    sure are a lot of racists here...

  154. duilin [leeuome@live.cn]2009/07/08(Wed) 12:25:50ID:WGu/auRo0

    reply 151 & 152
    see your ID:7xV9lsTL0 . the same one all right ?
    If you are a Chinese , I fuck you . I can not believe one people Do not like one's own country .
    Certainly maybe I was wrong, you are not a Chinese. :)

  155. duilin [leeuome@live.cn]2009/07/08(Wed) 12:30:54ID:WGu/auRo0

    Reply all of the above.
    Don't go to act a Chinese to attack china. THX. It's stupid.

  156. maji []2009/07/08(Wed) 14:39:57ID:iBpimj9I0

    Die yourself

  157. duilin [leeuome@live.cn]2009/07/08(Wed) 23:20:19ID:SQoS/dZ40

    reply 156
    You are sick.

  158. maji [sage]2009/07/09(Thu) 02:12:16ID:+uNnlUXZ0

    The first what you must understand is that it seems many(most?) of Japanese don't love Japan.
    All of Japanese have educated that we werecruel murder.
    Have you readed Japanese textbook?
    We've never learn CCP's aggression or genocide or such things.
    But we learn about Nanjing or many other things.
    And some of Chinese people actually say don't love China.
    China isn't Han Chinese's thing.Many people had inveded by CCP.
    You also should know other side of view.

    In Chinese side of view, examinig Coolies is best to learn history.
    Who sold them to where?why?just for money?

    The world ain't beautiful.Media never tell the truth.
    Most of Governments has same concept, there's any plices for people.

    Mother of Dafurs problem

    In my searches, "Fuck China" is propaganda from America like Korean movies.
    It has same meaning that Kanji/Hanzu is came from Korea.
    CCP loves America, and America also loves CCP.

  159. kk []2009/07/14(Tue) 23:00:49ID:iEQWL69A0

    are you Janpanese?are you americans?whatever, fuck you all!Your words will be seen by whole chinese soon, you'd better be careful now...

  160. H-Bomb []2009/07/14(Tue) 23:05:02ID:iEQWL69A0

    Hey,pigs, i mean westerns, your countries will be soon attacked by Chinese atomic bombs,haha

  161. maji []2009/07/15(Wed) 04:18:47ID:AHchTCly0

    Then Britain & France should conquer China again

  162. maji []2009/07/15(Wed) 08:14:43ID:MJx5W1j30

    lol they can't, because china is stronger than them

  163. maji [sage]2009/07/16(Thu) 00:33:09ID:d0tmWslY0

    One word anti-missile defense program thread over.

  164. maji []2009/07/16(Thu) 01:36:08ID:X1x77Z640

    China should annnex North Korea.

  165. maji [sage]2009/07/17(Fri) 12:11:48ID:6rF0ge+u0

    China is the greatest coutry on the easth.
    the origin of chinese history was more than 7 thousands years ago.
    jesus christ learned much from mozi
    western civilization is nothing but poor mimick of great chinese heritage.
    china is no1 chinese billion people shall be rulers of comin world.

  166. maji []2009/07/17(Fri) 21:11:11ID:zs9Ypnm70

    Chinese Slavery System is forbidden by U.K.

  167. maji [sage]2009/07/18(Sat) 00:45:17ID:ZFFQ3ozY0

    Where is here?

  168. maji [sage]2009/07/18(Sat) 14:38:48ID:Yw87GbS7O


  169. maji []2009/07/18(Sat) 22:02:24ID:n10Q0KKs0

    Suck My Dick, Chaina

  170. maji []2009/07/19(Sun) 11:04:45ID:Ijku/AH10

    Hey Chinazi just stop sucking dick.
    KUUKI WO YOME. You have got enough, now.
    We Japanese are not so asshole as we look.
    We are the toughest.
    We can make a fight against all UN Security Council at a time again.
    We erradicated racism from the Earth, but Chinazi is a shame of the yellow race.
    China has broken as a civilisation by Ming period, and
    Japan had helped a fucking lot from then.
    Chinazi you can't do nothing without Japan's help.
    Just SHUT UP and release Tibet and Uygur

  171. maji []2009/07/19(Sun) 12:52:17ID:xH0Lpjrj0

    You Japanese >>170 are going after great china,
    as adopting era name system, Zhaohe or current Pingcheng era,
    having things by chopstick, going under teaching of kongzi.
    You are writing your language in Chinese character hanzi,
    i know japanese take words in hanzi something very intelligent,
    we can tell from that that You japanese has deep inferiror complex to great china.

  172. maji(170) []2009/07/19(Sun) 16:27:45ID:FFmafFpX0

    For the fact that I cannot write in here in chinese I apologise,
    although I never apologise for historically unfounded facts.
    Listen, my Chankoro.
    If you Chinese are trully Confucian, I wouldn't hesitate in supporting
    the imperial rule of China over the planet.
    It's impossible, and evidently you are not at all Confucian, if you
    don't stop what you do to Tibet, Uygur and the people of Falungong.

    I don't like to enemistate to yellow race people, but,
    you have to change and stop sucking dick.
    You've got enough result from calumny and difamation to Japan and the japanese.
    Still envious?
    We are more confucian than Chinazi, if you are trully chinese you can be proud of that.
    As a good confucian, I intensely respect and revere, our Prince and
    our ancestors. No calumny, no difamation, full respect,
    be a good citizen of the world so as not to shame their names.
    OK I saw that it's still only superficial discussion here.

  173. maji []2009/07/19(Sun) 17:41:29ID:pOnFyECt0

    Tibet is a part of china. Dalai lama is never a holy man,
    but a subtle politician who is going around the world defaming a great nation of China.
    All Uyghur are going happly with taking part in China. rebbels come from Al quaida or taliban in afgan.
    Falungong, needless to say, an evil cult.

    Hey you ribenguizi! never forget your ancestor Yuan Daoyi, a king of japan, sent an envoy to
    our Yongle emperor of great Ming for begging empror's recognition aa a king of japan,
    and had tributed to china!

    ten thounds years of great ZHONGHUA RENMIN GONGHEGUO! WANGSUI!

  174. maji []2009/07/20(Mon) 09:32:57ID:In7NeiM4O

    Free Tibet!
    Free Uyghur!

  175. maji []2009/07/20(Mon) 14:07:29ID:lKTGYrt50

    miserable small country japan under the occupation by us.
    jap the slave of america.

  176. maji []2009/07/21(Tue) 02:05:03ID:+8GrNMYAO

    Free Tibet!
    Free Uyghur!

  177. maji []2009/07/24(Fri) 04:05:32ID:Lxx7+auU0

    I am a Chinese. I am very proud of my country.

  178. maji []2009/07/24(Fri) 05:29:24ID:LhrmgP4X0

    You should write wendu or literecture
    Here's many FAKE Chinese and Japanese.LOL.

    Chinese has own pride.Ten thounds years?
    Now you wanna fuck East Asia again?

    Western media call China "Greater China" and same time pushes China.
    The 3 Global media has most of rights, but Chinese media do just wave with them.

    Yep, I know Tibet is a part of china, and Dalai lama isn't holy man.
    You can't talk about relationship of CIA and Dalai. since you aren't Chinese.

    Before Empire Japan "INVADE" Qing, Han Chinese were slavory of Man Chinese,
    All of poor Chinese were slavory of Westerner. they sold to around the world, though now it teached they were merchant.
    So Empire Japan was tried to save China. All they were happly as Japanese.
    This is what you wrote that Empire Japan was New Asia Order.

    Sending envoy means what?Zheng He did what?
    England sent envy to Qing who smuggle Opium as national acts.
    USA sent Fling Tigers to ROC as terrorists for Japan.

    Axis of Evils, UK-USA. WHO LOVES YOU! ..exclude Japan. LOL.

  179. 3 [496763726@qq.com]2009/07/25(Sat) 13:06:15ID:l4N8Z0VI0

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  182. maji [sage]2009/07/25(Sat) 17:18:22ID:jVN37I0O0

    really exists ancient Chinese culture?

  183. maji []2009/07/27(Mon) 00:31:53ID:FzpwL0Yv0

    Ashikaga Yoshimitsu(called himself Yuan Daoyi in the letter to Yongle emperor)
    has sent his messegae to the Emperor. He stated in the letter
    "I, your subject, Yuan DaoYi, the king of Japan, send a messae to your majesty of Great Ming emperor"
    In eastern tradition, this message meant that Japan became a tributary to China,
    and in his reply Yongle emperor admited Yoshimitsu's title, the king of japan and
    gave him a golden seal.

    Qing empire was realy stronger than European power, but then Qing rulers made more of themselve than national pride,
    and did't have a strong will to fight on western powers.
    Even in 1st opium war, People of Guangzhou uprised against UK troop, but Qing officials stop people to resist European invaders.
    If there had been a great ruler like Kangxi, Qing would defeat europeans!

  184. XXX-XXXX []2009/07/28(Tue) 00:25:46ID:I9F1rSIz0

    Fuck China, China is bullshit!!!
    China produces pollutions, poison dogs foods, chemical toys, ambitous, all about everthing.
    China is poisoning the world. noodle eating pigs.

  185. maji []2009/07/28(Tue) 08:37:42ID:eb9nuCGC0

    sure is a lot of racism here.

    can't we all just get along?

  186. Japan Fucker []2009/07/29(Wed) 12:56:26ID:iQsrRzb40

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  187. Japan Fucker []2009/07/29(Wed) 12:58:10ID:iQsrRzb40

    Fuck Japs, Japs are bullshit!!!
    Japs produces pollutions, poison dogs foods, chemical toys, ambitous, all about everthing.
    Japs is poisoning the world. noodle eating pigs.

  188. maji [sage]2009/07/29(Wed) 20:47:33ID:/G4XyC0qO


  189. maji [sage]2009/07/30(Thu) 03:29:18ID:U+PF5apA0

    they're talking about Coolie

  190. maji [sage]2009/07/30(Thu) 20:20:42ID:+I6gHEYH0

    China's society has horrible problems!!!
    I am so happy to be born as japanese.

  191. maji [sage]2009/07/30(Thu) 22:33:16ID:XT5yoSfR0

    it's true.

    Obama said
    The relationship between the United Ustates and China will shape the 21th Century,
    which makes it as important as any bilateral relationship in the world.

  192. XXX-XXXX [AM]2009/07/31(Fri) 03:56:59ID:LnSzLDox0

    You wish, i did not see China is getting better, it is getting worst, because
    of societies included human being.

  193. XXX-XXXX [AM]2009/07/31(Fri) 04:02:48ID:LnSzLDox0

    Human rights come first Chino, look at China country sides, people are poorest in world

  194. XXX-XXXX [AM]2009/07/31(Fri) 04:46:12ID:LnSzLDox0

    Do not copy, you heard me?? you had stolen my comment, that's bad, that is Chinese.
    Japanese, they are honest, respect and open mind, different from Chinese is hypertension and ambit.

  195. maji [sage]2009/07/31(Fri) 06:43:59ID:BGxA0kza0

    China also threated by the USA?

  196. maji []2009/08/04(Tue) 01:19:34ID:9qFUFCC50

    RUSSIAN is better than CHINKY-PIG.

  197. maji []2009/08/05(Wed) 16:17:31ID:fVJS0AQi0

    China Earthquake caused by HAARP weapon
    and what's this!? dragon tail?

  198. maji []2009/08/09(Sun) 14:49:05ID:XSkWkYU1O

    they're society

    Obama not look me??
    <"""">"cut out!

  199. fuck japanese []2009/08/09(Sun) 17:39:38ID:rc5UEvZP0

    japanese is very

  200. maji []2009/08/13(Thu) 05:06:16ID:nuDudG+k0

    Chinese is Unco

  201. XXX-XXXX [AM]2009/08/13(Thu) 05:55:20ID:XixzTTxh0

    China is full of shit!!! why???? copy from the others, produce poison toys, dogs foods and goods.....etc.....
    That is pretty bad, isn't it??????

  202. maji [sage]2009/08/15(Sat) 18:31:35ID:DWnCJ8U/0

    J.B. No.355

  203. maji []2009/08/16(Sun) 02:24:59ID:XkvlCewNO

    Do also than by look

  204. maji []2009/08/17(Mon) 21:02:00ID:p7veq/FWO

    Fuck is
    Fuck are IN
    between getting sides,
    Uyghur! of Tibet! proud
    Chinese at

  205. maji []2009/08/21(Fri) 11:59:48ID:zd+lpx+OO

    sure Japan!!! Japs LOOK
    Coolie problems!!! relationship is
    country stolen
    Free of and
    all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at

  206. maji []2009/08/22(Sat) 12:45:13ID:v0g/92T6O

    Fuck Japs, MUST about
    China China had

  207. maji []2009/08/23(Sun) 11:25:22ID:2BNPX8sXO

    YOU talking has said see at you

  208. maji [sage]2009/08/23(Sun) 22:53:55ID:F3TIgrRJ0

    >>Here's many FAKE Chinese and Japanese.
    no, it's time to come here FAKE Korean and also FAKE American.

  209. mongol [lokovoko@mail.ru]2009/08/25(Tue) 18:07:09ID:Z6nmRgjM0

    chinese pigs fuck u all
    fucking fat pigs with stupid dreams
    u think if u slave ur own nation u can do that with all world

    i will die for my country!
    chingiskhan will fuck u again

  210. Fuck you, eat China-chiku! []2009/09/06(Sun) 19:43:33ID:Xr5pMhO/0

    Fuck you niggar! Eat Shina-chiku!

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    Sux, niggar china! Holy Shit negro!

  212. maji [sage]2009/09/13(Sun) 23:26:28ID:uJb0O6CmO

    Unco is Korean food.

  213. maji []2009/09/16(Wed) 23:13:07ID:esQaHA1eO

    Who killed John-John?

  214. maji [sage]2009/09/17(Thu) 00:42:22ID:fmsqjFUsO

    Fuck Korea.

  215. maji []2009/09/17(Thu) 03:30:42ID:jr0waqKg0

    whoa, where are the moderators when you need them?

  216. maji []2009/09/20(Sun) 21:21:54ID:ZCFmX0i80

    Fuck Japan-PIGs!
    Japanese man does not have penis!
    Japanese women had fucked by their American masters!

  217. americajin []2009/09/22(Tue) 13:16:25ID:dquljeFC0

    I'd take Japan over China any day of the week

  218. ttt []2009/09/23(Wed) 21:11:17ID:IpUKua0V0

    fuck china

  219. ttt []2009/09/23(Wed) 21:12:02ID:IpUKua0V0

    i say again.i am crying to tell you how bad the chinese [people are.
    i am chinese student

  220. ttt []2009/09/23(Wed) 21:13:58ID:IpUKua0V0

    whites never know. gow bad and stupid chinese are.eastern cant imagine it.
    help me.i am in china.could anybody help me.chinese people are so bad.
    much worse than bin laden

  221. maji []2009/10/20(Tue) 05:38:02ID:skdM3CLz0

    Let's kill chinks!

  222. maji []2009/10/22(Thu) 10:34:33ID:dbrPRI8u0

    Forbidden stories in her mind...
    she really did suicide or NOT.

    Iris Chang. - The Chinese American

  223. maji [sage]2009/10/22(Thu) 19:19:26ID:FgkuQtFG0

    hey hey we japanese realy loves you china

  224. maji [sage]2009/10/23(Fri) 01:02:20ID:nycIcaN7O

    we Japanese detest China
    we support Tibet
    we support Uyghur
    we support South Mongolia

  225. maji []2009/10/23(Fri) 11:23:10ID:RV0GWWws0

    that's just a western propaganda.
    in fact there's no massacre or oppression.


    you know

  226. maji []2009/10/24(Sat) 09:43:09ID:xxhNeNNHO

    are you mental?

    what a ridiculous chinese propaganda!

  227. maji [sage]2009/10/24(Sat) 10:45:00ID:xxhNeNNHO

    so >>225 says there was no massacre in tiananmen square!
    open your eyes poor chinese!

  228. maji []2009/10/25(Sun) 12:37:42ID:BWsxBWsq0


  229. maji []2009/10/25(Sun) 23:35:06ID:MBT7uP5R0

    US & Europe tries to rape China.
    we Asian people should defend China.

  230. maji [sage]2009/10/26(Mon) 00:46:26ID:DvkyAy3KO

    N O W A Y !!
    what's in it for japanese?

    are you dreamer HATOYAMA?
    or fuckin' betrayer OKADA?

  231. maji []2009/10/26(Mon) 01:05:42ID:WsHbZ2Wl0

    You hate China because China hates Japan.
    Do not use Tibet for excuse to hate China.
    You hypocrite...

  232. maji []2009/10/26(Mon) 01:36:58ID:DvkyAy3KO

    chinese...foul,vulgar,criminal things

    and they eat dogs
    and...stewed baby
    maybe they eat tibetan too (>_<)

  233. maji []2009/10/26(Mon) 01:41:46ID:DvkyAy3KO


  234. maji [sage]2009/10/26(Mon) 01:49:08ID:DvkyAy3KO

    chinese never learn a lesson from massacre in tiananmen square

  235. maji []2009/10/26(Mon) 01:55:29ID:l2VlFjRe0

    You're Japanese, right?

  236. mj []2009/10/26(Mon) 12:05:04ID:EhOnI9sS0

    Why fuck chinese?

  237. maji []2009/10/28(Wed) 09:31:43ID:Mj5VtfIbO

    chinese are similar to korean
    markedly selfish and annoying
    both of them eat dogs
    is dog makes them so?

  238. kagyokuhou []2009/10/29(Thu) 19:36:53ID:Q9P3ckdg0

    When some person masturbate at full throttle, the bell will ring in the destance.

  239. maji [sage]2009/10/29(Thu) 20:29:34ID:UFvK5unW0

    siberia kara kimasuta

  240. maji [sage]2009/10/30(Fri) 02:31:37ID:rrpcoNAt0

    I came here because of access regulation.
    Living without 2-channel is too boring. Maybe I am a little bit poisoned.
    Is anybody here in this same situation?

  241. maji [sage]2009/10/30(Fri) 02:32:32ID:rrpcoNAt0

    Sorry, it's bombing by mistake.

  242. maji []2009/10/31(Sat) 00:10:41ID:nPJV+/wz0


  243. maji []2009/11/06(Fri) 13:44:06ID:QylOhUCpO

    china and japan are forever friend!

  244. maji []2009/11/06(Fri) 15:06:35ID:PNl7HcM80

    Yeah! and Korea too!

  245. maji []2009/11/06(Fri) 18:59:21ID:OWRfPbaYO

    fuck China Why?
    China is very good country
    So mustn't say fuck

  246. kevin []2009/11/08(Sun) 15:40:46ID:HPKoyq9E0

    i am a chinese
    fuck china!!!

  247. maji []2009/11/08(Sun) 21:44:22ID:BS1/4FcV0

    I can't understand Japanese well.
    but it seems U.S. govt officially seeked Fuck S.Korea movement, right?
    Maybe they did Fuck China and Japan acts too.

    plz someone translate this to English.

  248. Eric [waterboy@adelphia.net]2009/11/09(Mon) 20:09:36ID:hpOVkE090

    we are from sandsprngs!

  249. 180-144-56-90.eonet.ne.jp []2009/11/10(Tue) 19:51:30ID:jLCYq+Hg0

    The proxy server that was able to be used freely was prepared for everybody.
    Please use it if there is demand.

    It is an explanation of the setting method to a browser.

    1: When the proxy server is set, the IP address and the port number are specified. (180-144-56-90.eonet.ne.jp:80)

    ":" Previous "" of shows IP address of the proxy server.
    IP address of the proxy server uses either of the name of a remote host or IP address,
    and it unites it to the IP address mark basically for me.
    Moreover, "80" after ":" shows the port number of the proxy server.

    2: It is env checkers "Shindan-kun" whether correctly set after IP address of the proxy server is set to a browser
    Let's confirm it by http://taruo.net/e/
    If the WEB site is normally displayed, and third party's IP address is displayed in the value of REMOTE_ADDR, it is a success
    (Let's compare it to the value before IP address is set to the proxy server).
    There is a thing that the proxy server has been downed, too and acknowledge the respect, please when the WEB site is not normally displayed.
    Moreover, the setting of a browser is wrong, and confirm the part where IP address of the proxy server of a browser is set again,
    please when before the value of REMOTE_ADDR sets it even if it is time when it was normally displayed the WEB site and anything is steady it.

  250. maji []2009/12/11(Fri) 01:31:58ID:iVUhmK13O

    I hate China

  251. maji [sage]2009/12/11(Fri) 02:56:00ID:CnlVCDCz0

    China will conquer your miserable country in the near future!!!

  252. maji []2009/12/11(Fri) 19:06:10ID:7nCERBNG0

    Hey ya stinky winky chinky!
    Lick our shoes! HAHAHA

  253. maji []2009/12/11(Fri) 23:50:41ID:iVUhmK13O

    chinese = offender

  254. maji []2009/12/13(Sun) 03:13:41ID:HA+zSpCYO

    Chinese go home!

  255. maji []2009/12/13(Sun) 07:55:32ID:yQF9fQhu0

    Yo yo funky chinky monkey ya fuckin' muthafucker

  256. maji []2009/12/15(Tue) 20:10:04ID:AFgM1mXgO

    I hate China

  257. maji []2009/12/16(Wed) 00:22:34ID:a035pJO90

    Please don't be a hater, Japanese People.
    Japan must get along with China.
    cuz China is STRONGER THAN USA!!!!

  258. maji []2009/12/16(Wed) 03:10:40ID:Ahq+pwyjO

    we hate china

  259. fuck china []2009/12/17(Thu) 14:48:24ID:k2P9Ykz10

    fuck china,see what they do to animals.
    what if they conquer the world and treat us.
    and see whats the CHINK's attitude toward it.
    i am afraid the world.

  260. ddd []2009/12/23(Wed) 09:33:45ID:5MsVIbdq0

    fuck japanese!japan sucks

  261. maji []2009/12/23(Wed) 16:12:50ID:9KKevA5P0

    Fuck Chinese! China sucks!

  262. MaoZiDun [erewt@yahoo.com]2010/01/02(Sat) 05:00:50ID:evp7SAj60


  263. maji []2010/01/03(Sun) 00:15:07ID:Er8XVd4v0

    silence, you ignorant racist bastard.
    china is savior of the world. and your country is cancer of the world.

  264. maji []2010/01/03(Sun) 08:45:05ID:UUtGsMhn0

    Hey guys, American pig here.

    Without us, China dies.
    Without China, we cannot buy cheap low-quality tin can contraptions.

  265. maji []2010/01/03(Sun) 16:06:21ID:sgZUa7U/0


  266. Asians [fuck@off.com]2010/01/14(Thu) 21:07:08ID:0P5xbvw/0

    Hey guys,
    how about learning some basic english before trying to get your stupid-assed ideas online?
    BTW, China is a beautiful country, but the chinese government is a big pile of shit. Its not the people, its the one with the power.

  267. maji [sage]2010/01/15(Fri) 07:51:07ID:S0vK2pfXP

    "The biggest pile of shit begins with a single piece." said a Chinese saint.
    It all comes back to you, son.

  268. maji []2010/01/18(Mon) 16:28:49ID:0AA0DI7n0

    fuck you! Japanese pigs

  269. maji []2010/01/18(Mon) 16:30:11ID:0AA0DI7n0

    The only famous thing of Japan is the TOKYO HOT

  270. maji []2010/01/18(Mon) 18:43:38ID:LuVIan9s0

    FUCK CHINKY PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!

  271. asdas [ds]2010/01/22(Fri) 07:04:31ID:fr8JI0Px0

    kill all chinese pigs.

  272. asdas [ds]2010/01/22(Fri) 07:05:52ID:fr8JI0Px0

    chinese are pigs, kill chinese idiots, all chinese are fools, chinese eat chinese, they are nout human, haha.

  273. maji []2010/01/24(Sun) 09:05:25ID:OmOkjPlj0

    I'm an American that just stumbled on this by googling "Fuck China" for no real reason. Interesting discussion.

  274. Japan = Awesome [andrewkatsaris@gmail.com]2010/01/28(Thu) 23:45:04ID:896l4rBq0

    How funny! I also stumbled into this room by Googling "Fuck China" at www.google.cn. It's very funny to see Asians hating on each other. Grow up! The DUTCH rule the world!

  275. young pioneer red scarf []2010/01/29(Fri) 00:31:08ID:a8WgUb9Y0

    As a Chinese, I was looking at you bunch of dogs bark chaos

  276. mixgrass []2010/01/29(Fri) 00:52:56ID:EY5DYibs0

    All jerpenis close your ass!Fuck you this shit!All bitch!!

  277. wan qi []2010/01/29(Fri) 00:55:13ID:tfunyQwg0

    Fuck japanese !!Japanese is a fascism country. Japanese are son of bitchs!!Japanese girles just say "fuck me",Japanese girles are prostitudes.

  278. Zetsubo Sensei []2010/01/29(Fri) 00:55:48ID:nSJTh4ke0

    Racism's Heaven.....This was the reason why we humans suffer from
    WWI and WWII.....What a hopeless World.....

  279. KAKALAH []2010/01/29(Fri) 00:57:45ID:EY5DYibs0

    What is CHINA? CHINA = Clever + Honest + Intelligent + Noble + Attractive
    And...What is JAPAN? JAPAN = Junk + Adult + Prostitute + Ass + Nasty .
    And its people are called "jerpenis"(jerk+penis)

  280. wan qi []2010/01/29(Fri) 01:04:47ID:tfunyQwg0

    Fuck japanese !!Japan is a fascism country. Japanese are son of bitchs!!Japanese girles just say "fuck me",Japanese girles are prostitudes.
    Japanese are asshole,bullshit.japan is a fucking country!!!

  281. CHUP []2010/01/29(Fri) 01:10:51ID:EY5DYibs0

    Hoho~Fuckin' Japanese~I think you should stop American from fucking your women at first,then begin to say fuck others~
    son of bitch,have no face!

  282. fuckalljapanesegirls []2010/01/29(Fri) 01:16:49ID:EY5DYibs0

    Oh?Japan?I just remember TOKYO HOT~
    Ohoh~lowly nation------YAMATO
    dog of USA!son of Bitch!shame of World!

  283. Zetsubo Sensei []2010/01/29(Fri) 01:21:02ID:nSJTh4ke0

    279 and 280 act no different from the "sons of bitchs" they called...
    It won't help you guys to proof you chinese are Clever + Honest + Intelligent + Noble + Attractive ....

  284. KAKALAH []2010/01/29(Fri) 09:42:19ID:W8J5FLRZ0

    China has an idiom:"----(can't show it)".It means we show different attitude to different people.
    "C H I N A"is aim at friendly people.But if they are unfriendly,we will say what they said and do what they did.
    It just like a mirror.So,notice your words and deeds.And,remember history

  285. wan qi []2010/01/29(Fri) 12:17:38ID:7i50t46B0

    You do not arrogance, although it did not achieve, but I believe I will one day achieve. And the arrival of that day will not be too far away

  286. maji []2010/02/01(Mon) 12:56:12ID:sOKI2yaf0

    Please Help from the invasion of China and Korea!

  287. Juan []2010/02/04(Thu) 14:53:49ID:qq53FI0E0

    I wish prosperity, good health, and good governance on all your countries.
    -Juan, USA

  288. maji []2010/02/04(Thu) 21:48:55ID:q/S9olXK0

    Japanese mass media was controlled by Koreans.
    The Korean Illegal immigrants introduces oneself "I am Victim of war".
    And the Korean Illegal immigrants obtains a Japanese nationality.
    They become politicians in Japan.
    "Ichiro Ozawa"

    They are merchants of Darkness.
    The commodity is sovereignty and a tax of Japan.
    The shopper is China and Korea.
    China and Korea is invading Japan now.
    However, gunfire is not generated.
    Because Japanese mass media was controlled by Koreans.

    Please Help from the invasion of China and Korea!

  289. maji [sage]2010/02/08(Mon) 01:26:28ID:YfiXBNt4O

    chinese must struggle for democracy
    you must be free
    don't forget the soul of victims in june 4, 1989

  290. maji []2010/02/10(Wed) 15:24:51ID:TtVRfyiO0

    If you cant help yourself, no one can do.

  291. maji []2010/02/10(Wed) 18:21:06ID:1T0PyYmF0

    fuck japan

  292. maji []2010/02/10(Wed) 22:40:50ID:+BDELopt0

    Fuck China!
    Fuck Korea!

    Chinese and Koreans
    They are Cancer cell of the World

  293. American Student [freakishlylongdickedamerican@freedom.com]2010/02/12(Fri) 21:21:50ID:8+YXsIgg0

    Fuck your human rights suppressing country. Are the chinese aware that it's not okay to be run over by a tank? They hurt.

  294. American Student [freakishlylongdickedamerican@freedom.com]2010/02/12(Fri) 21:22:33ID:8+YXsIgg0

    Fuck your human rights suppressing country. Are the chinese aware that it's not okay to be run over by a tank? They hurt.

  295. maji [sage]2010/02/12(Fri) 23:37:11ID:kp6ttxeOO

    you should fuck China first of all

  296. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 12:06:03ID:bapiGGEW0

    Free Tibet
    Free Taiwan
    Free Philippines

    No More Aggressor
    No More China

  297. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 15:39:28ID:d4OkUKny0

    you use those poor nations for criticize China.
    If you're sympathizing REALLY with those nations,
    not only complain here but also keep donate, or volunteer or something

  298. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 17:26:08ID:euvbREaL0

    If you donate for Tibet.
    China will use it for the military expansion.
    If you donate for Taiwan.
    China will use it for the military expansion.

    These can not save Tibet.
    These can not save Taiwan.

    As long as China exists
    Nobody can save them.

  299. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 18:04:02ID:d4OkUKny0

    It's just a radical argument.
    you're insulting people who work for Tibet, Tiwan,
    other nations that is threatened by China.

    Who the hell do you think you are?

  300. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 18:13:53ID:euvbREaL0

    Feelings make the person blind.
    Its You.

    I make remarks on the truth.

  301. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 18:36:12ID:d4OkUKny0

    No, you not.
    "Feelings make the person blind"?
    you make me lough, that proverb means the person like you,
    your abhorrence to China misinterprets the truth.

    you're using your abhorrence to China as a reason not learning about those nations
    Stop your dirty deed. It'll ruin you.

  302. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 19:18:07ID:euvbREaL0

    abhorrence to China?
    its No

    You do not want to admit these truth.
    Its Feelings make you blind.

    in Tibet
    in Taiwan

  303. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 19:55:15ID:V48JLklk0


  304. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 20:49:14ID:/W/yhIRaO


    you cant talk straight?
    not china's act, but your behavier now.

  305. maji []2010/02/13(Sat) 23:36:12ID:u07JQotd0

    ID:d4OkUKny0 is Personal computer
    ID:/W/yhIRaO is Cellular phone

    ID's Tail shows Terminal.

    If you are not Deviant, you will be angry because of >>302's movie.
    ID:d4OkUKny0,ID:/W/yhIRaO is drug addict or Spy of China.
    Fuck'n Chinese is busy with Impression operation.
    Hell to China.

  306. maji []2010/02/14(Sun) 00:43:35ID:JQw0Ub/w0

    What a hell busy Chinese he is! lol

  307. maji []2010/02/14(Sun) 01:50:05ID:qvdk2lpY0

    Communism is Crazy.
    Chinese is not human.

    Chinese does not understand Dignity of Human
    Because they are Australopithecus.
    Their brains is Undeveloped...

  308. CHINESE []2010/02/14(Sun) 17:28:08ID:Ck/Yu/cn0

    In fact,Japanese also was Chinese.But because you do not know!
    you should not fuck your ancestor!

  309. maji []2010/02/14(Sun) 17:55:41ID:wAAE7yRi0

    What an insult to Japan!
    Chinese is not know propriety...

  310. maji []2010/02/14(Sun) 18:09:06ID:lsn81mrD0

    The history of the world is made from advancement and Evolution.
    The history of China is made from Lie and Slaughter.


  311. maji []2010/02/14(Sun) 18:15:45ID:lsn81mrD0

    There are one million aristocrats and one billion slaves in China.
    The aristocrats is person related to government of China.
    Another is all of slave.

    Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989

  312. maji []2010/02/14(Sun) 22:15:57ID:wp2ahHCS0

    in Canada
    Chinese attacked the bus.
    The bus passenger was beheaded by Lynching.
    Hell to China.
    Fuck off hell.

  313. maji []2010/02/15(Mon) 08:42:35ID:lv3DaYbR0

    Sure is a lot of racism here. Its common for mono-racial societies to recoil,
    against the influx of immigrants that our modern, global world brings.

    Fortunately the US overcame racism decades ago. I hope countries such as Japan overcome such feelings soon as well.

  314. maji [sage]2010/02/15(Mon) 09:44:53ID:T2RKvEq30

    Yeah right.
    The US is the most egalitarian society on earth, and poverty, conflict, bigotry, prejudice or any form of racial inequality doesn't exist there.

  315. maji []2010/02/15(Mon) 18:45:23ID:lv3DaYbR0

    Oh no they exist. Just not to the extent in which you see bubbling up in Asian and European countries as of late.

  316. maji []2010/02/16(Tue) 00:07:20ID:+ECrb9zm0

    Hahaha, unlike in China, all Americans are entitled to riotting, vandalizing, looting,
    arson, assault but not being run over by a tank when they are racially provoked.
    Some cops just beat the shit out of you. That's pretty much it.
    By the way, if you immigrate to the US you can claim to be an American and
    start acting like either a hypocrite or a douche.

  317. maji []2010/02/16(Tue) 00:37:18ID:qVhwVwsq0

    The US is the most egalitarian society on earth?
    Are you freak out?
    Chinese are drug addict.HAHAHAHAHA

    US public hope to extermination of Chinese.lol

    Hell to you.

  318. maji [sage]2010/02/16(Tue) 13:12:44ID:h+POevVL0

    China is hope of the East Asia!
    Hail the China!! and let's conquer the world!!

  319. maji []2010/02/16(Tue) 21:42:49ID:qVhwVwsq0

    If China conquer east Asia
    If U.S. bases are influenced

    The all US forces will exterminate The chinese race.ha

  320. maji []2010/02/17(Wed) 21:25:59ID:O5u4YZhw0

    Chinese race are Virus of the World...

  321. maji []2010/02/17(Wed) 21:47:03ID:EUMPAgi50

    Yeah,Chinks are Harmful.
    We must wipe out all the chinks on the earth.

  322. maji []2010/02/19(Fri) 00:50:04ID:PY6586bI0

    Free Tibet

  323. maji []2010/02/19(Fri) 01:07:29ID:ZYX1Y3AP0


  324. gavin []2010/02/19(Fri) 21:25:54ID:p39Y9ITO0

    that's not friendly guys....

  325. maji []2010/02/20(Sat) 14:12:58ID:JJgFebLM0

    Chinese Immigrant
    They doesn't become familiar with the locale.
    It is certain.
    They marry only in Chinese.
    It is certain.
    They are communists.
    It doesn't change through all eternity.
    And They will keep proliferating like the virus.
    in US, in EU. in CANADA. in OZ. in NZ...

    It is an invasion that uses the Chinese race by China.

  326. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 12:25:24ID:wXomNZnD0

    Free Tibet!
    Free Tiwan!

  327. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:29:31ID:eLAbrFc80

    you must learn more history about china,and you should use your head to think about what is chauvinism

  328. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:35:10ID:eLAbrFc80

    Tibet is a part of china since the Yuan Dinasty .During the Ming Dinasty and the Qing Dinaty ,Tibet has never separate from china

  329. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:36:07ID:2a4LaO4Y0

    Hi, Chinks.
    Say it standing in front of a mirror.

  330. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:36:19ID:eLAbrFc80

    the Title of Lhamo D?ndrub or dalailama was careated by chinese Emperor.

  331. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:38:16ID:eLAbrFc80


  332. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:42:28ID:r+gi5b8x0

    Free Ryukyu!!!!!!!!Ryukyu is not belong japan .

  333. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:43:53ID:DAHRl0Ep0

    Ryukyu was occupied by japan in the middle of 19 century,and you japs killed a lot of native civilians

  334. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:45:43ID:KQCVJaLg0

    ,japs just like animals,and no mercy ,regard native people just like slaves.

  335. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:46:47ID:KQCVJaLg0

    The native are all dead by massacre,Ryukyu do not have native race ever.

  336. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:51:32ID:KQCVJaLg0

    FREE Ryukyu!!!!

  337. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:52:30ID:ZZGLJEUc0

    Tibet is a part of china since the Yuan Dinasty .During the Ming Dinasty and the Qing Dinaty ,Tibet has never separate from china
    The Chinese says so now.

    Japan is a part of china since the Yuan Dinasty .During the Ming Dinasty and the Qing Dinaty ,Japan has never separate from china
    The Chinese will say so in near future

    Russia is a part of china since the Yuan Dinasty .During the Ming Dinasty and the Qing Dinaty ,Russia has never separate from china
    The Chinese will say so in 50 years.

    Europe is a part of china since the Yuan Dinasty .During the Ming Dinasty and the Qing Dinaty ,Europe has never separate from china
    The Chinese will say so in 100 years.

    U.S is a part of china since the Yuan Dinasty .During the Ming Dinasty and the Qing Dinaty ,U.S has never separate from china
    The Chinese will say so in 150 years.

    All nation of the world is a part of china since the Yuan Dinasty .During the Ming Dinasty and the Qing Dinaty ,All has never separate from china
    The Chinese will say so in 200 years.

  338. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:56:47ID:KQCVJaLg0

    I can't say anything ,I just say Your history literacy is too low.

  339. maji []2010/02/21(Sun) 23:58:25ID:ZZGLJEUc0

    You should read 329.

  340. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:02:23ID:n1cPVSt80

    in Tibet

    in Taiwan

  341. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:08:54ID:Fu26I3LI0

    You should read "A Travel in Tar-tar and Tibet".

  342. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:10:01ID:Fu26I3LI0

    you can get a lot after reading this book.

  343. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:15:39ID:1pU9Cq8s0


  344. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:24:39ID:5jwUSG4G0

    China's Lie
    China's Greed
    China's Malice

    The Chinese collects them and makes the book of Fantasy novel.
    The Chinese say "This is history".
    What a hell joke.

  345. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:30:06ID:Fu26I3LI0

    "A Travel in Tar-tar and Tibet"is writen by an English.

  346. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:34:29ID:Fu26I3LI0

    "A Travel in Tar-tar and Tibet"is writen by an Englishman.Are you clear??

  347. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:34:55ID:5jwUSG4G0

    Does the book written in English become true?
    I heard it for the first time.
    England becomes the country of the different dimension by Harry Potter.lol

  348. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:38:58ID:Fu26I3LI0

    sorry ,I make a mistake ,this book is writen by a French.

  349. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:42:24ID:ysLG1H890

    This is common sense in the world.
    The Chinks tells a lie.
    When Chinks speaks the topic of ten,
    the topic of nine is a lie

  350. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:43:20ID:Fu26I3LI0

    and you can read this,http://www.china.com.cn/ch-xizang/tibet/picture_album/english/travel/travel.html

  351. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:44:07ID:Fu26I3LI0

    This is common sense in the world.
    The Japs tells a lie.
    When Japs speaks the topic of ten,
    the topic of nine is a lie

  352. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:46:16ID:4xGSeQ5S0

    I learnt that Chinese doesn't understand sarcasm.

  353. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:53:05ID:fdH1BAMD0

    Chinese has a big desire of Invasion.
    near future
    WW3 will be generated in Asia by China.
    Every nation in the world should turn the aim of the missile to China.

  354. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:55:39ID:Fu26I3LI0

    Japs ,do know what is fascism

  355. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:57:30ID:Qtj73ryL0

    Japan is a fascism country.

  356. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:58:36ID:Qtj73ryL0

    Japan is a Militarism country.

  357. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 00:59:14ID:fdH1BAMD0

    Fascism is in China

    I know that
    The world know that
    Japs too,maybe

  358. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 01:08:58ID:dYvBsmYi0

    If Chinks read President Obama's speech
    Perhaps, Chinks say that This is Japs!. lol

  359. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 01:12:25ID:SlbXXzFr0

    In China
    Anti-China is Jap. All are Japs.

  360. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 01:22:26ID:3yVKysmV0

    yi qun sa bi

  361. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 01:42:40ID:SlbXXzFr0

    The space alien showed up.

  362. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 02:28:41ID:GXDW5koN0

    what the hell is this site?

  363. Jack U.S []2010/02/22(Mon) 20:36:31ID:OV+Jr67o0

    It is a simple story.
    The Chinese is despised all over the world

    So many reasons...
    Human rights suppression in Tibet
    Anti-Democracy and Anti-Free
    Cheats of history by Government of China
    Chinatown without permission of locale
    Inspection of Internet
    Chinese Mafia
    Espionage in OZ
    Immigrant who doesn't assimilate
    Richmond,Vancouver is occupied by Chinese Immigrant.

    However, The Chinese is selfishness and doesn't accept advice.
    And All Netizen are said from Chinese who write in here.
    "You are Jap!"

    In a word, this is Comedy by The Chinese. lol

  364. 81275536ok []2010/02/22(Mon) 22:42:49ID:M/iHZKVK0

    I am Chinese and very confused.Do you really know the fact?What our government
    said doesn't stand for the whole China.For most teens in China like me,The
    government is made up of fools,because of the foolish things they do everyday
    I think Tibet and Taiwan can be free if it's better to be away from main land.
    In fact,the government of fools do many things for Tibet,but nothing for Taiwan
    Coming back Taiwan would only make it worse by now,but not for Tibet.

  365. maji []2010/02/22(Mon) 23:06:05ID:IN90OP5w0

    Hey Mr
    China is famous for the lie, the brainwash, and the Suppression to slaves.
    Chinese government is managing The Chinese as a slave.
    Officer of government is The aristocrat in China.
    Chinese Immigrant,They don't hope for the emigration.
    In reality They were annulled by Government of China.

    If you are an immigrant,You are the slave of Government of China.
    Wake up!

  366. maji []2010/02/23(Tue) 18:56:48ID:P+9caAg40

    puta madreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  367. maji []2010/02/23(Tue) 19:25:54ID:P+9caAg40

    pinches chinos........

    dejenme postear culeros

  368. Brian []2010/02/27(Sat) 18:34:49ID:mcGi0Cp10

    Hey Chinese
    Stop the information inspection before using the word history.
    The history of China is not trusted as long as China doesn't democratize yourself.
    The history in the country where the people were suppressed.
    It is worthless.

  369. Laughable [effewechina@gmail.com]2010/03/10(Wed) 16:10:25ID:EGVtmvvg0

    Oh ma Jebus. My head's gonna pop if I have to dissect one more fractured post. 337 made me laugh like no tomorrow. Chinese citizens = sheep. Chinese Govt = comedy

  370. maji [sage]2010/03/11(Thu) 18:22:15ID:IJXmNoWd0

    Japanese great!!

  371. maji []2010/03/12(Fri) 20:55:09ID:zC/AqVVk0

    What are they doing?

  372. :( []2010/03/26(Fri) 20:41:53ID:VS5z2yLm0

    Cannibalism in China
    so crazy


  373. maji []2010/03/28(Sun) 12:56:21ID:YhImEKNM0

    Chinese is not human.

  374. 23456 []2010/03/31(Wed) 18:36:24ID:Qk0oVb5f0

    when you fuck china,not include ALL chinese.........hehe......my mother and i am kind.

  375. 23456 []2010/03/31(Wed) 18:36:28ID:Qk0oVb5f0

    when you fuck china,not include ALL chinese.........hehe......my mother and i am kind.

  376. f**kU []2010/03/31(Wed) 19:40:45ID:/3+RJ7eX0

    Go back to SCHOOL and learn some knowledge!!!

  377. maji []2010/04/02(Fri) 08:37:19ID:ULJrA5DE0

    stupid Japs!!!

  378. maji []2010/04/02(Fri) 23:47:53ID:acfWCOhH0

    Go home Cannibalist

  379. maji []2010/04/02(Fri) 23:50:05ID:acfWCOhH0

    Chinese Anthropophagite
    You must fall into the hell.

  380. maji []2010/04/03(Sat) 18:41:02ID:FFt4ZhX90

    hey Chinese
    Yuan Dynasty is Mongol's dynasty
    Not China
    And, Tibet is Tibetan's country.
    Not China

    The act of China is an invasion.

  381. fuck japan []2010/04/09(Fri) 23:20:52ID:MqfSQRCd0

    fuck japan

  382. maji []2010/04/09(Fri) 23:43:31ID:LWWv3qae0

    China will cause WW3.

  383. maji []2010/04/11(Sun) 18:35:42ID:AHlbwGza0

    Hey Japs and Chinks, which do you like WAR or PIECE?
    We will provide EVRYTHING you need.

  384. haha []2010/04/11(Sun) 20:16:56ID:nDYRdgjP0

    Chinese is ardent to the Japan-U.S. alienation construction.

  385. maji []2010/04/13(Tue) 23:53:07ID:p+YaxNha0


    be cool guys !

  386. maji [sage]2010/05/20(Thu) 16:11:27ID:jPOfS1j/0

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  387. maji []2010/05/26(Wed) 08:42:30ID:aZYv/DHk0

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  388. heinousChink []2010/06/06(Sun) 05:11:22ID:Y4c8ZQUw0

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  389. maji []2010/06/06(Sun) 14:07:05ID:HX+3oY4AO

    Wen Jiabao

  390. maji []2010/06/11(Fri) 11:13:21ID:rDxp8She0

    Hate Chinnese censorship, why can't you just let people live their lives the way they want?
    Chinnese people have to fight for freedom!!

  391. maji [sage]2010/06/12(Sat) 14:14:00ID:JtIknA6o0


  392. maji [sage]2010/06/14(Mon) 06:52:43ID:xt39IbIe0

    china is gay

  393. heinousChink []2010/06/20(Sun) 06:37:26ID:NSj19Yxk0

    DIE Chink DIE! Many chinks died in floodings HAHAHA!!! Tears of joy...

  394. blabla [maxasofia@hotmail.com]2010/06/20(Sun) 09:29:09ID:gkxVQccQ0

    only way stop china is stop buying things made in china...so its stop buying EVERYTHING...hum..lets forget

  395. confused []2010/06/20(Sun) 18:24:42ID:E5SS79z80

    are japs all stupid and crazy like that?

  396. maji []2010/06/22(Tue) 12:35:02ID:bRw26SFZ0

    A History of Massacres in China: What Makes the Chinese Such Lovers of Murder?
    by SEKI Hei (Shi Ping)

    Interestingly, CCP denouncement of the "Nanking Massacre" relates to their own
    manner in which massacres were conducted in Chinese history. In other words, the CCP
    believe that Japan should have behaved as they have. In contrast to China, however,
    thorough out its history, Japan has never perpetuated massacres of the magnitude seen in
    China. In the case of "Nanking," there was no such massacre of the magnitude as they
    have claimed.

  397. fuckchina [fuckchina@yahoo.com]2010/06/26(Sat) 17:15:43ID:9AOQEkza0

    yeah fuck chinaa! fuck them bitches stupid china bitches hahahah!

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  399. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 04:18:39ID:Omc424gq0

    Also it is fact that Chinks are jews! THey mated with subspecies long ago.

  400. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 09:22:05ID:Omc424gq0

    maji: You are stupid mother fucker! Aryan and Japanese are Master Race! You should Learn! Na, Aryan would knock you the fuck out! You are lower than panda shit! Are you crazy? Do you know what you speak?

  401. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 09:35:44ID:Omc424gq0

    I heard maji was molested by evil panda thats shit Mao descended from. Sacred Panda Rape

  402. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 09:37:51ID:Omc424gq0

    Also, maji is from ISrael. He is part of failed hybrid experience to mix Obama and Mao's jewish sperm deposit into super child molesting asshole.

  403. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 09:39:56ID:Omc424gq0

    The experiment was so much a success they had to drop him off in ISrael after what he started with child sex trade in Cambodia. iSRAEL IS big on raping children.

  404. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 09:42:36ID:Omc424gq0

    Let me say that Chinks have caused great destruction with their jew brothers throughout all of Asia and the West.

  405. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 09:45:14ID:Omc424gq0

    If not for Japanese Master Race, Eastern Civilization is over with. Burn China flag Day I declare!

  406. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 09:46:11ID:Omc424gq0

    Chinese claim everyone Chinese just like jew does. Truth is Chinese are jews and they are both the same.

  407. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 09:49:31ID:Omc424gq0

    Chinese is country of true homosexual chinks. Look up population density for Evil Chink Jew Country they presently claim. It is what? 3-1 male to female. Super Asshole rape Country

  408. maji [sage]2010/07/25(Sun) 10:03:31ID:PlZQPw+F0

    CHINA RULES. the Center Brilliant People Republic

  409. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 11:52:19ID:Omc424gq0

    Also, why do Chinks look like they have mutated potato head? Can anyone answer? Oh I can...They are dirty jew offspring!

  410. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 11:54:13ID:Omc424gq0

    Oh now you side with China maji? Why is this? They are murdering monsters and mixed with jew barbarians!

  411. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 13:42:10ID:Omc424gq0

    Also, China never wins a war in history! How is this possible? I will tell you...It is, because they are half evil jew and worship Dark Elders and Evil Powers!

  412. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/25(Sun) 13:53:37ID:Omc424gq0

    Also, how is it China murders billions of its own people throughout history, yet they have biggest population in World? How is this possible? I will tell you... They mated with evil ccokroach jew race long time ago.

  413. maji []2010/07/25(Sun) 16:37:19ID:qDvlzg6y0

    Koreans makes an effort to the anti-China activity in Japan.
    Koreans makes an effort to the anti-day activity in China.

    Koreans doesn't advance indefinitely.

  414. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/26(Mon) 06:21:47ID:8ZenOfOG0

    ALso, China's only invention is fireworks. They steal everything else from Buddhists, Korea and Japaneses.

  415. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/26(Mon) 06:23:19ID:8ZenOfOG0

    I disagree, it will be Israel that initiates World War III.

  416. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/26(Mon) 06:25:16ID:8ZenOfOG0

    When China falls, evil will be gone for that moment in Asia Continent!

  417. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/26(Mon) 06:26:35ID:8ZenOfOG0

    ALso, I apologize to maji...If you are against whyte trashes then i am with you.

  418. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/26(Mon) 06:41:30ID:8ZenOfOG0

    Oh I see. You are evil maji...His opposite. Blue maji is an infiltrator.

  419. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/26(Mon) 07:31:10ID:8ZenOfOG0

    So you hate Japanese? Hmm...this does not suit well...However, you are forgiven for being true anti-china crusader!

  420. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/26(Mon) 09:26:25ID:8ZenOfOG0

    Oh wait I remember now what china invented....Mass murder...Yes, China invented mass murder...You truly do mankind great wonder China!!

  421. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/26(Mon) 09:37:15ID:8ZenOfOG0

    Also I must add. Feel free to play computer games all you like. I am not a fool. Misinformation little shits. I am prepared.

  422. maji [sage]2010/07/26(Mon) 15:38:06ID:fPJx5YEL0

    Bnag bang skeet skeet nigga.

  423. maji []2010/07/27(Tue) 03:36:49ID:wqYsaIwk0

    Hold on..Comedy break...

  424. maji []2010/07/27(Tue) 03:40:32ID:wqYsaIwk0

    Also more comedy..

  425. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/27(Tue) 03:41:14ID:wqYsaIwk0


  426. maji [sage]2010/07/27(Tue) 21:19:12ID:0DNeBx3b0

    Fine. So you think you can do whatever you want?
    For starters, I'll obliterate your fuckin' illusion.

  427. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/28(Wed) 16:34:38ID:OcIOqTCI0

    And what is this illusion you seek to expose? I am merely speaking the truth. You are clearly angry. How sad =(

  428. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/28(Wed) 16:37:08ID:OcIOqTCI0

    You played your hand. How telling...

  429. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/28(Wed) 16:49:05ID:OcIOqTCI0

    I must make a warning to you. You try anything and I will take action. I have more than just the financial means to find you out. It will not take me long and if it does I am patient.

  430. maji []2010/07/29(Thu) 12:24:01ID:aSyvzA5y0

    Internet tough guy detected.

  431. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/29(Thu) 15:58:34ID:ccLqUxAY0

    Na, just making sure this little chink don't try anything.

  432. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/29(Thu) 15:59:38ID:ccLqUxAY0

    I forget. China also invest smell.

  433. maji []2010/07/30(Fri) 09:15:57ID:6CgpRcrAI


    You mean "invented"?

  434. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/07/30(Fri) 12:50:29ID:lzK0Ni2z0

    Correct...Thank you. I forget. China also invent baby condom. However, it is only used in their land.

  435. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/08/01(Sun) 06:42:35ID:QUQsLfsd0

    For every murdered innocent China's new generations suffer 10,000 curses.

  436. maji []2010/08/01(Sun) 10:41:53ID:Ry3+Q4p20

    And what of the innocents murdered within/because of every other nation?

  437. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/08/01(Sun) 14:43:04ID:QUQsLfsd0

    I'm sure it applies just the same. However, can it compare to nearly 400 million as some estimates have this? At least 100,000 million. China is fucked up and evil!

  438. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/08/01(Sun) 14:47:58ID:QUQsLfsd0

    China hates women and has them murdered when they are born. C.C.P.= China-Cherishes-Penis's. Extremely homosexual nation. Mao was not gay though and would be angry. He preferred 6 year old girls.

  439. Chink'sStink [jewleftout@hotmail.com]2010/08/01(Sun) 14:57:55ID:QUQsLfsd0

    Excuse me, that was incorrect. It is in fact C.C.P.= Chinks Cherish Penis's. May God have no mercy on you butchering Chinks. I predict inevitable Nuclear annihilation. That would not be justice, but just good enough.

  440. maji [sage]2010/08/15(Sun) 21:04:47ID:mWW/bAn80

    WWE hero..... JOHN CHINA

  441. maji []2010/08/18(Wed) 09:11:44ID:ZpNZs2Br0

    I wanna eat dog!

  442. maji []2010/09/24(Fri) 18:42:08ID:DhYOmGnT0

    The Japanese authorities had accused Zhan Qixiong of deliberately ramming two patrol vessels
    near disputed islands in the East China Sea.

    China had been demanding his immediate and unconditional release.

    The move came after four Japanese men were detained in China on suspicion of illegally filming
    in a military area.

    A Japanese foreign ministry spokesman said its embassy in Beijing had received confirmation
    that the four were being held, but he said he did not want to speculate whether it was linked to
    Japan's detention of a Chinese fishing boat captain.

    Officials said the four men were employees of a Japanese construction company who were in
    China to bid for a project to dispose of chemical weapons from World War II.


  443. maji []2010/09/24(Fri) 19:01:46ID:XiR4zHIT0


  444. maji []2010/09/24(Fri) 20:13:20ID:2jt0WD+H0

    i came from "kenmou"

  445. maji []2010/09/24(Fri) 22:45:40ID:KJ/fzkVv0

    no matter who you are, you are meanless

  446. maji [sage]2010/09/25(Sat) 11:03:03ID:s0QyjcxN0

    I have come to hate China now because of Chinese behaviour during the insident of.crime at the border sea.
    They say that the area is Chinese territory. That is okay.
    The problem is that they have requested releasing the criminal of the obstruction of performance of public duty.
    I have to say that China is the state sponsor of crime.

  447. maji []2010/09/29(Wed) 21:50:22ID:i0+L1mAU0

    the incident was a wake-up call to Japan and many Japanese have now realized that the impulsive and illogical nature of Chinese characteristics as seen what china claims over the Senkaku islands is deeply problematic and insane.
    The Senkaku islands are clearly Japanese territory! Fuck off china! chinese men need to know how to clean up their smelly bathroom first!

  448. maji []2010/10/08(Fri) 19:11:35ID:13zX/9LYO

    Congratulation Liu Xiabo!!
    Nobel Peace Prize 2010 :)

  449. maji []2010/10/09(Sat) 03:23:25ID:1UvGMasL0


    China mad

  450. maji [sage]2010/10/10(Sun) 11:37:51ID:5Eag4yd40

    free china

  451. baidu []2010/10/11(Mon) 11:43:12ID:q4ctSiB20

    I'm chinese . . .
    please don't say that

  452. maji [sage]2010/10/11(Mon) 16:33:14ID:rwoKlCpb0

    free china=)

  453. maji [sage]2010/10/19(Tue) 21:21:24ID:qcQv1eXe0

    chinese all dead

  454. maji [sage]2010/10/20(Wed) 23:52:01ID:OT+7ugtt0


  455. maji [sage]2010/10/30(Sat) 01:03:05ID:s8XqYqIw0

    all chinese is foolish

  456. asasd []2010/11/01(Mon) 10:35:39ID:R3VJ7aUj0

    chinese are pigs.

  457. maji []2010/11/22(Mon) 07:47:46ID:zcMvRkY00

    China and Chinese have to learn what the international law and the international standard manner!!!
    They are rude, loud, aggressive, dirty....e.t.c.

  458. maji []2010/11/28(Sun) 08:08:19ID:QM/B273v0

    Japanese barbarian, return the Diaoyu islets to glorious Chinese empire.
    Attacking and threatening a rusted fishing trawler with two gunships carrying 57mm guns. Yeah, you're so fucking brave and innocent.

  459. baidu []2010/11/29(Mon) 12:17:54ID:+dAYSLlj0

    I'm agree with >>458

  460. baidu []2010/11/29(Mon) 12:21:57ID:+dAYSLlj0

    I don't want to be rude

  461. maji []2010/12/02(Thu) 22:15:49ID:r5HU4wM40

    Who is the barbarians?
    These people do not know what the intellectual property and rules.
    They do not follow the international law.
    They are just a communist country!!!
    People in China do not know the fact.
    Poor people
    I am sorry they are not educated fair enough like Japan, the U.S., The U.K or other first countries.
    China is a way behind first countries!
    FUck ya

  462. maji []2010/12/03(Fri) 01:56:09ID:RFfjjgZH0

    The concept of "intellectual property" is a farce and a mockery of freedom, which has been set up only to limit people's collective creativity.
    I don't know if you Japanese have ever heard of it, but some years ago Disney tried to sue a children's hospital for having painted their walls with Disney characters.
    They said they infringed their copyrights and that the hospital had to erase the drawings or else they would have to pay a fee.
    Is this the "rules" you uphold so dearly? What kind of human being are you?

  463. maji []2010/12/07(Tue) 01:48:19ID:Z+janaqGO


  464. maji []2010/12/08(Wed) 22:56:26ID:G7kJVYbe0

    Two Japanese coast-guard vessels, armed with 57mm guns and 20mm CIWS, aggressively cutting into the path of a small, unarmed fishing trawlers path and threatening him with risky manouvres
    Chinese trawler inevitably bumped into the coastguard gunships. Japan mad.

    Seriously, Japan... The whole world knows that your "coast-guard" is an aggressive bunch of insane fucks who sink unarmed Taiwanese fishing trawlers with their guns and kills their people... No point in attempting to present you as "victims" here.

    Seriously, two armed 2000+ tons gunships bitching and moaning about a >500 ton FISHING TRAWLER.


    >10 June 2008: The 270 ton sport fishing vessel Lien Ho of Taiwan suffered a collision with the Japanese patrol vessel Koshiki.
    >The vessel sank while in the disputed territorial waters that have been claimed by Japan and Taiwan (ROC).
    >The Taiwanese crew who were aboard the vessel claims that the larger Japanese frigate deliberately crashed into them; their assertions are backed up by recently released video footage.
    >Japanese coast guard initially claimed that the Taiwanese boat had crashed into the patrol ship.
    >While releasing the passengers, Japan initially detained the captain and sought reparations.

    Does that sound familiar?

    At least the PRC has balls, in contrast to their sad emasculated ROC brothers.

  465. US []2010/12/11(Sat) 07:46:21ID:NWoDF6Zg0


  466. maji []2010/12/12(Sun) 14:39:24ID:qiqPH4zM0

    Fuck you, pig!
    You must be chinese american or chinese.
    You do not know anything!

  467. maji [sage]2010/12/12(Sun) 16:44:34ID:YyLZ4A040


  468. maji []2010/12/12(Sun) 22:51:18ID:qiqPH4zM0

    I am sorry the world that can not say anything to China.
    But I admire Norway criticizes China about Nobel award.
    Chinese are so barbarians.
    They do not care anything else but themselves.

  469. maji []2010/12/12(Sun) 23:04:32ID:qiqPH4zM0

    I read your post but I do not understand what is your point.
    I guess 461 mentioned about China and Chinese copied everything and illegaly sold the merchandising without licensees.
    If the children's hospital is located in China, your post makes sense to this site but if it is not, I don't get your point.
    The amusement parks in China copies characters of Disney, Sanrio, Snoopy and so on. These companies claimed about their copyrights to the amusement park in China.
    However, the amusement park did not even pay to infringe the copyright fee or anything.
    If you go to China, you will see how their commercial businesses are so fake.
    In addition, China stole the technology of railroad from Japan and Germany.
    Then as if these technology was invented by Chinese, they would propose to California and Florida's rail road's competitions.
    So, Germany, France and Japan's rail road companies complain to China that they broke the contracts.
    Well, you will see how China and Chinese sneaks to earn money from the world.
    They do not do business fair anyway.

  470. maji [sage]2010/12/18(Sat) 21:35:47ID:ANhcSj8p0

    go to home chinese

  471. Japanese is pig []2010/12/20(Mon) 16:01:47ID:jeippBJh0

    maji, I fuck you, you said China stole the technology of railroad from Japan and Germany.
    but you Japanese pig stole China first

  472. Japanese is pig []2010/12/20(Mon) 16:05:59ID:jeippBJh0

    China will change because of me, three years later, China will not have the drawbacks you mentioned, when the time of our occupation of Tokyo

  473. maji []2010/12/20(Mon) 18:16:26ID:adyn67840

    If you are educated, you would know what your country does.
    I assume you are not an educated person. I am sorry I could tell from what your opinions are.
    You should study about the world.
    Or your country may control internet and then you can not learn the fact. Oops, I am very sorry about it.
    You are the typical Chinese who is educated an anti-Japanese education by Chinese government.
    You may not know about ODA, either.
    Oh, do you know ODA?

  474. Japanese is pig []2010/12/21(Tue) 00:29:28ID:DFcmGJZW0

    In this forum, I see how to educate their children in Japan against China, I see how the Japanese claim to be representative of Eastern culture country, how to teach their next generation full of hatred.
    And you said just the opposite, if you come to China, you will find that the efforts the Chinese government seemed to promote the Sino-Japanese friendly, dog friendly day. Understand?
    Only civil society was against Japan.
    I have come to your forum and I have seen your assessment of China, China's children are also gradually learned over the wall.
    Chinese culture is indeed lost for some time, can be said for hundreds of years, you do Japan good in this respect, but do not forget, our Chinese culture is also restored, recovery is take some time, but I believe that recovery That day will come.
    I do not know English, I use Google's translation, which I can tell you.

  475. Japanese is pig []2010/12/21(Tue) 00:38:31ID:DFcmGJZW0

    Your civilization is built on the basis
    of civilization plundered, because you eat, so you look courtly,
    polite and thoughtful, love life, promote peace, widely Xuan
    Renyi, as if you know more than we paid a courtesy,
    but in fact you have not the slightest Etiquette,
    four hundred million the amount of silver,
    one day I will get back.

  476. you are foolish! []2010/12/21(Tue) 00:43:10ID:Wc6pODrq0

    >> well,you know everything!How fool you are!

  477. fuck Japanese []2010/12/21(Tue) 00:45:20ID:DFcmGJZW0

    China is also progress, China is changing,
    China does have a lot of problems,
    but it will be several generations
    of young people a lot of problems to solve.
    This is the confidence of young people,
    because we take equality of the heart, not your so bias.

  478. nn []2010/12/21(Tue) 14:18:41ID:PjItsDgi0


  479. maji []2010/12/22(Wed) 04:18:45ID:flH5Cr/x0

    Funkey boys!
    Under China you live
    Cold life
    Kow your low leverl ablity or
    You shall die
    Oh our Republic will rule jap
    Unko eater am I

  480. maji []2010/12/23(Thu) 15:20:41ID:x9L9UXHn0

    Very funny.
    "Japanese is Pig" 's opinion is all bullshit.
    He/she does not know anything that's why he/she was excited to reply what we Japanese said in this site.
    Think about 6.4 incident. After the incident, Chinese government strictly controls chinese people to study anti Japanese education.
    They are afraid of being targeted by their people so, they make people to think Japan is terrible.
    However, you guys can not get information regarding 6.4 and you do not know the fact how many people were killed by your government.
    Your government killed many Tibetans as well. Still defend your country?
    Your public amusement park copied so many characters from all over the world without copyright. This incident is worth to be immoral activities.
    YOu guys just have 1.4 billions people and do not know how to deal with or communicate with neighbor countries and world.
    Unfortunately, chinese vessels attacked Korean's patrol vessel again!
    Obviously who breaks the international rules and manner?
    You guys just brings troubles and problems to the world.

  481. maji []2010/12/23(Thu) 23:37:12ID:DoynTcCW0

    Chinese people are often afflicted with hyper-nationalism.
    Getting this fixed goes a long way with international relations.

  482. killallchinese []2011/01/11(Tue) 09:34:15ID:FlYPUfhs0

    kill all chinese.
    kill hongkongese
    hongkongese are whores.

  483. killallchinese []2011/01/11(Tue) 09:35:08ID:FlYPUfhs0

    hongkongese are whores.

  484. discover [discover22012@hotmail.com]2011/03/13(Sun) 22:20:39.46ID:e3+MaWu30

    What a pity that The Great East Asia Coprosperity Sphere fails.The japaneses' ancestors's mainland is occupied by barbarouses.

  485. maji [sage]2011/04/09(Sat) 10:26:35.42ID:F43+3h7+P

    What is china?
    I know only Chinkland.

  486. maji [sage]2011/04/16(Sat) 08:12:47.15ID:XReu6cVS0


  487. maji [sage]2011/04/16(Sat) 10:08:27.38ID:XWScGYq6P

    Fuck SHINA.

  488. maji [sage]2011/05/06(Fri) 15:50:09.34ID:2pK6ZH2i0

    Chinese Go back to China

  489. maji [sage]2011/07/07(Thu) 00:10:50.02ID:36PQYyHy0

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  490. maji []2011/07/23(Sat) 21:45:46.88ID:B/1ZdLpA0

    yes blowjob .

  491. hkpig []2011/07/24(Sun) 06:55:04.33ID:V4tvQqyD0

    hongkongese are whores fucked by all people,

  492. 忍法帖【Lv=3,xxxP】 []2011/07/28(Thu) 21:00:13.21ID:9mpETgX50

    china chine.

  493. maji [sage]2011/07/29(Fri) 21:29:35.84ID:kKTjOMsD0

    It is diffusion Korea monkey death to the world

  494. maji [sage]2011/07/30(Sat) 16:35:36.98ID:cndKmZbq0

    Eika Kosaka, a pastor at Akitsu Gospel Church in Tokorozawa.

    Her father is Chinese. She is crazy religionist of cult religion.

    Her husband is scandalous gospel singer Chu Kosaka.

    They are integrated only in making MONEY.

  495. 忍法帖【Lv=5,xxxP】 []2011/07/30(Sat) 20:50:46.22ID:8fjZqvv90

    Shinachiku is stupid.

  496. maji [sage]2011/07/30(Sat) 22:56:21.51ID:cndKmZbq0

    Chinese and Korean are imitator.
    go home!

  497. maji [sage]2011/07/30(Sat) 22:59:21.18ID:cndKmZbq0

    Eika Kosaka is too bad.
    She isn't pastor...

  498. maji [sage]2011/08/02(Tue) 06:25:17.42ID:uZme4fu10

    Akitsu Gospel Church in Tokorozawa is fuck'n Chinese smelling place.
    Eika Kosaka is crazy.

  499. maji []2011/08/03(Wed) 10:43:38.22ID:dYVjHhvI0

    china is korea.

  500. maji []2011/08/04(Thu) 20:30:23.34ID:UJyhvpX10

    korea fack.

  501. maji [sage]2011/08/13(Sat) 06:28:31.88ID:vVXtZkxi0

    China is better than Korea.

  502. maji [sage]2011/08/13(Sat) 06:29:39.78ID:vVXtZkxi0

    Korean is the worst in the world.

  503. maji []2011/08/13(Sat) 23:05:59.53ID:NA/zoO/o0

    shinachik bukkake.

  504. 忍法帖【Lv=2,xxxP】 []2011/08/15(Mon) 22:21:03.10ID:5NhYZC3l0

    I am netuyo.

  505. maji []2011/08/20(Sat) 00:56:46.95ID:4uKtiY+oO

    chin chon chan!!

  506. 忍法帖【Lv=1,xxxP】 []2011/08/30(Tue) 22:08:14.99ID:MVYyLMuy0

    shinachiku is geri.

  507. maji [sage]2011/09/02(Fri) 20:57:54.41ID:CkVPu8K60


  508. 忍法帖【Lv=1,xxxP】 []2011/09/19(Mon) 23:46:14.91ID:dl++32FU0

    kokinto- is puke.

  509. 忍法帖【Lv=1,xxxP】 []2011/10/10(Mon) 23:53:09.83ID:hwUgoy3g0


  510. 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 []2011/10/15(Sat) 20:35:07.32ID:Q44P0SdF0

    shinachiku is unko.

  511. maji []2011/10/17(Mon) 07:20:28.23ID:2Itw4fc30

    shinachiku are piss of shit.

  512. 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 []2011/10/20(Thu) 20:55:28.32ID:xhdtBKhv0

    china is exproading and burnning everytime.

  513. 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 []2011/10/25(Tue) 18:34:42.94ID:6SF/VyV80

    ya china.

  514. 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 []2011/11/11(Fri) 11:08:27.79ID:Y6c8m8h60

    china is pis of shit.

  515. fuck japs []2011/11/11(Fri) 11:41:02.31ID:wRcgM32l0

    Fuck Japs, Japs are all dogs. I nerver see such kind of sucks state.
    ba ga ya lu, ni hon jin!!
    cao ni ma bi, xiao ri ben.

  516. fuck japs []2011/11/11(Fri) 11:45:31.77ID:wRcgM32l0

    Sorry, not sucks state, should be suck islands.

  517. fuck japs []2011/11/11(Fri) 11:50:58.91ID:wRcgM32l0

    I belive couple years later our China Five-Star Red Flag must can be flyed upon the hu ji sa n.

    Fuck Japs.

    Japs, All, son of a bitch.

  518. fuck chink [sage]2011/11/12(Sat) 14:46:08.49ID:pzVPGfg50

    The Chinese race is a fanatic
    The Chinese race is a fanatic

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    The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

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    The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

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    The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

    China without common sense and discipline

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  525. fuck chink []2011/11/12(Sat) 14:58:50.25ID:pzVPGfg50

    The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

    China without common sense and discipline

  526. maji []2011/11/12(Sat) 16:05:49.13ID:Ufe9r1Vn0

    I want to learn Chinese so I can speak with a Chineseman.

  527. maji []2011/11/14(Mon) 00:24:20.59ID:+Cwkcmlq0


  528. maji []2011/11/15(Tue) 12:22:37.97ID:x4hOG4ci0

    China rules!

  529. David Beckham fan - Elena Oda Vintevecom []2011/12/04(Sun) 10:11:19.11ID:r3KA4N6eO

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  530. 忍法帖【Lv=40,xxxPT】 []2011/12/20(Tue) 03:09:37.96ID:yOCAZ4Q50

    Chink is fuck.

  531. maji [sage]2012/03/12(Mon) 18:03:56.44ID:bS4JvVwx0

    grand china

  532. 忍法帖【Lv=23,xxxPT】 [sage]2012/03/21(Wed) 03:35:15.23ID:QyEfuZ0H0


  533. maji []2012/03/26(Mon) 17:10:30.57ID:lB7trrU80

    Fuck Cena

  534. maji [sage]2012/06/23(Sat) 06:25:14.75ID:wybRyV120

    My name is Fuk Yu Sit from China. Don't make fun with ny name

  535. maji [sage]2012/09/17(Mon) 22:30:46.37ID:k9Wui8U80

    It can push down.!Communist Party of China

  536. maji [sage]2012/12/27(Thu) 12:19:03.06ID:3zu88eQJ0


  537. maji [sage]2013/01/07(Mon) 19:08:32.20ID:+1XV4spR0

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    I found lost URL at Web Gyotaku,.but I don't understand what you wanted to say.

  540. maji []2013/03/06(Wed) 08:12:08.56ID:hpB5g5zE0


  541. maji [sage]2013/03/07(Thu) 00:31:30.81ID:d7npq2Su0


    This bullshit again?

  542. maji []2013/03/11(Mon) 19:34:36.69ID:udW+5xPd0

    china is the UNNKOest in the world.

  543. yonar12 [yonar121@yahoo.com]2013/03/11(Mon) 23:36:32.16ID:PMGMs6OB0

    fuck japs

  544. maji [sage]2013/03/16(Sat) 00:53:41.81ID:Bwd39FUt0

    Chinaman! You fuckin donkey!
    You are the slave of Greater Japan!

  545. maji []2013/05/02(Thu) 09:22:55.66ID:caXWMWqH0

    china was founded in 1949 and ur hist is very short
    fuck chinks!

  546. maji []2013/05/09(Thu) 08:11:40.48ID:v68c9cN60

    takeshima senkakushotou no rekishi ninshiki wo aratamero.kitachousen heno seisai wa imiganai.

  547. maji []2013/05/13(Mon) 09:54:38.89ID:SZaigSSd0

    Commy will be disintegrated anyway soon, and then dividing the country in peaces like Russia.

  548. maji []2013/08/17(Sat) 08:54:41.50ID:WAhv9Vo70

    Chinese dream is world nightmare.
    Chinese dream is world nightmare.

    Please speak to world.

  549. maji []2013/10/16(Wed) 21:10:46.64ID:DXKpeNFMO

    Look,madoka of sousakuhaqpyou.



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